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Meet Dr. Brummer

Meet Dr. Brummer

Life can be busy and complicated, but getting a great smile shouldn't be! Dr. Brummer is here to make the process of orthodontics as easy and supported as possible with the best result!
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What Sets
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Welcome to Brummer Orthodontics

Orthodontics is more than just making great smiles. It’s about meeting great people and making great relationships. At Brummer Orthodontics, Dr. Nicole Brummer and our team believe your smile is your window to the world, and we want you to feel confident about showing it off.

We are here to help you along your journey to achieving the smile you have always wanted — one full of joy and personal empowerment. A smile that is truly yours.

What’s the best fit for your smile?

When it comes to orthodontics and braces in Towson, Brummer Orthodontics has the years of experience and knowledge you can trust. We offer a mix of traditional, tried-and-true methods and cutting-edge treatments for the fastest, most successful results possible.

We welcome you to contact our Towson orthodontic office to schedule an initial complimentary consultation with Dr. Brummer, and see why Brummer Orthodontics stands out from the rest.

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What Our Patients
Are Saying

My daughters are always smiling, thanks to Dr. Brummer. She takes the time to talk with each patient to come up with the best plan of action for that individual. She also explains everything to the parent so that everyone is on the same page. Dr. Brummer truly cares for all of her patients and you leave her beautiful office knowing that you are not just a number. — Courtenay
About a year ago, I started to notice how much my once perfectly straight teeth were starting to head in a different direction. After consulting with Dr. Brummer on possible options, I decided on Invisalign®. Dr. Brummer was incredibly professional and kind. She was not only understanding but made sure I knew all the tricks and tips needed to get through my day at work without feeling like everyone was noticing my new addition! I am very happy with the results thus far and am so thankful for the quick and friendly service I receive each time I visit the office. — Amy
As a 22-year-old experiencing braces for the second time, Dr. Brummer has continuously demonstrated her vast knowledge and skill. She is efficiently correcting the mistakes my previous orthodontist left behind, but just as importantly, she cares about how I look and feel in them. Dr. Brummer strives to produce the perfect end result while taking into account various personal factors in a patient’s life. She is able to individualize the process without skimping on results, which shows how much she cares for each patient. — Pa2ient Name
Both my daughter and I see Dr. Brummer for treatment. She is a fantastic orthodontist - honest and trustworthy. Her entire office staff is welcoming and caring. I can't recommend this practice highly enough. — Keri
I swear Dr. Brummer and her staff are the nicest, most welcoming people I have ever met. Even when I call the office the front desk women, I think one being Kelsey are the nicest people!! I swear being a patient at Brummer orthodontics has me so spoiled. I always expect other offices to be as nice and welcoming as Dr. Brummers and trust me no one competes!!! — P4tient Name
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