Patient care is our specialty! We know that our patients have busy lives and schedules, and because of this, it is our promise to provide the exceptional, most efficient care.

Welcome to our office: your complimentary consultation

Upon arriving at our office, please make yourself at home. We have a warm and comfortable reception with WiFi and a coffee bar.

This is a place where you will be making regular visits over a period of time and we want you to love it! Our goal for your first visit is to ensure that you are given enough time with Dr. Nicole Brummer and her team. We will listen to your story and make certain the right treatment is prescribed for you and your child.

We will also:

  • Identify your primary concern
  • Review dental/medical history
  • Use photographs and X-rays of you or your child to help illustrate the orthodontic issues
  • Create a customized treatment plan that addresses all concerns and issues
  • Discuss the financial plan/insurance
  • Finish all records needed, including an Invisalign digital scan if indicated

(We try to be as thorough as possible at your first visit so you have a diagnosis and treatment plan and no time is wasted on extra trips to the office.)

Once a plan and appliances are in place, we will see you on a regular schedule, which varies depending on your chosen treatment. In most cases of braces, we see patients on a 6-to-10-week rotation. Invisalign has the advantage of fewer in-office appointments.

As we said, we recognize the importance of your time and try our best to offer days and times for your convenience.

Your regular dental check-ups: don’t forget!

Even though we will see you on a regular schedule, your six-month visit with your general dentist is essential for monitoring of oral hygiene and regular maintenance. We share all X-rays and help coordinate any treatment visits and special cleanings.

We are a team: orthodontist, general dentist, and patient. We all need to work together to achieve the best result and smile!!

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